Meet the Team


Meet our Cosmetic Acupuncturist Leon

Growing up in Asia, acupuncture was practiced everywhere and Leon was exposed to the art from a young age. Leon’s goal is to integrate Chinese and Western acupuncture within his aesthetics treatments. Leon love to educate people about the benefits of Acupuncture as it is a big part of his culture and something he feels passionate about.


Meet our Yoga

Instructor Charlie 

Charlie is an internationally trained Yoga Teacher who specialises in accessible yoga. Charlie loves working with people to understand how they can get the most out of the practice. Whether it’s managing an injury, strength and conditioning, building flexibility or working towards increased mobility, Charlie is here to help you!


Meet our Pilates

Instructor George 

George is skilled in a wide range of Soft tissue techniques with movement and joint mobilisation. George delivers both Pilates (for rehabilitation and pain management) and Healthy HIIT Pilates classes (for those looking to improve their fitness).