Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm Review

Working through a Pandemic is hard on all of us both mentally and physically with the long term use of PPE. Combine that with an increased and prolonged cold/snowy winter and it makes for a disaster for those of us with dry; sensitive skin.

As a physiotherapist I spend a lot of time helping others achieve their very best and promote the importance of good health and the effects that a good exercise regime, hydration and skin care can have on recovery and personal well-being.

Finding that I was suffering from prolonged use of masks I took to using the REN evercalm over night recovery balm and I cant tell you how amazing the effects have been.

I love how well the products spreads evenly on the skin without leaving an oily/sticky residue. After just one night’s use I felt my skin looked brighter and ‘happier’ and after a week it felt like I didn’t need to use this product every day. Now I always use it a minimum of 3 times per week as a go to recovery from long days spent either behind a face mask or in front of a computer screen.

I love this product so much I have switched my entire skincare regime over to the sensitive Ren skincare range.

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