Skincare for your 30's and beyond

Continuing with our skincare through your ages, we are now looking at 30's.

In your 30’s you may start noticing mild changes and possibly a loss of volume in your face.

You may not see any changes around the eye area but, like your 20’s now is the time to invest for the years ahead. It is also worth noting that from 30 onwards we produce 1% less collagen each year from the year before; collagen gives our skin strength and flexibility.

Cleansing, where possible now is the time to invest in two cleansers, one for the morning, a light textured cleanser plus an evening cleanser to remove any makeup, SPF and the days pollution from your skin.

Toner, a good toner has the ability to help tighten pores, eliminate toxins and rebalance your skin.

Antioxidant Serum, these are serums packed full of antioxidant benefits in hyper-concentrated form which help to support and protect your skin such as vitamin C, ferulic acid, resveratrol, phloretin or niacinamide.

Treatment Serum, this serum is needed now to start addressing any skin concerns you may have, whether that is acne, pigmentation, dull or dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also important to note if you are using a retinol for the first time, start low, around 0.3% and build up gradually depending on how your skin responds. Also, it is usually best to use your retinol at night as it can make your skin sensitive to UV light. We recommend trying REN anti-ageing skincare range as it uses naturally-derived and sustainable bioactives to mimic the positive effects of synthetic retinol without the irritation.

Eye cream, the skin around the eye is the most sensitive part of your face and will start to show signs of ageing first. The key here is, if you do decide to invest in an eye cream take time to gently massage it in, this will help the muscles around the eye and encourage collagen production.

Moisturiser, like the cleanser now is a good time to use a day and a night moisturiser. For the day moisturiser choose a texture that suits your skin whether this is a light-weight gel or a slightly thicker cream. The purpose of your night cream is to support your skin through its regeneration process so look out for ingredients such as Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E and Resveratrol.

Sunscreen, as before this is a step not to skip, aim for a sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ and wear it every day.

Ideally you want to layer your skincare products in a system of lightest first, so serum first and then build up, this way the thinnest liquid formula will penetrate first.

Skincare Treatments, now you may possibly be ready for a little more intervention on the treatments front. Cosmetic acupuncture or light therapy can be great treatments to bring in now as they have the ability to kick start that slowing collagen production whilst still be non-invasive plus requiring no downtime. These treatments help skin to look healthier, firmer and brighter, we recommend a course of 5-10 treatments followed by regular top ups.

It is worth noting here, keep it simple. Too many steps or too many products in your skincare routine make it really hard to keep up with and you will find it hard to stay consistent, enjoy your skincare routine!

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